The Science Behind Vocan

In 2018, the genetic pathway for psilocybin production in magic mushrooms was discovered and published. In understanding that genetic pathway, our scientists have constructed DNA that can produce all proteins in the biosynthetic pathway. Dr. Burian has used his expertise in DNA modeling to design and produce a unique DNA sequence that allows for time efficient and cost-effective psilocybin production.

Currently, companies are resorting to chemically synthesized psilocybin as the only available cGMP compliant product that is available in large volumes. The chemical process carries significant costs and is less preferable compared to a biologically derived psilocybin. Vocan’s biosynthetic process retains the stereochemistry of the natural psilocybin molecules found in hallucinogenic mushrooms, which are known to have a more positive effect than the chemically synthetized counterpart.

Vocan’s technology will produce cGMP API grade psilocybin which can be used by pharmaceutical companies, API manufacturers and organizations conducting clinical trials. Our method of psilocybin production will provide more affordable access to organizations looking to acquire cGMP API grade psilocybin. Our process can be scaled up while consistently producing a high-quality cGMP product.